Friday, June 17, 2011

Sew & Tell - Annie's Blankets

Today I share Annie's two different blankets with you. She wanted something light for her grand children. Simple blankets backed with flannel were quick and perfect gifts. I am used to seeing elaborate quilts that people make for gifts, but these simple blankets are so fresh to me. She was impressed how soft these flannels were, and that they didn't pill even after she washed them. One panel of Dr. Seuss print is just a perfect size and it makes such a fun crib blanket. This blanket paired with any Dr. Seuss book (Green Eggs and Ham, my favorite) would be a very thoughtful baby shower gift. And the other blanket is for a bit older girl. I loooove this pink against grey swing print from Sherbet Pips. I know grey is not the first color that little girls choose, but this is an exception. Girls on the swing? The pink trees? And the ever hot grey? She will love it. Sometimes it is better to be simple even for a little girl. Thanks, Annie!

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