Friday, April 1, 2011

Traditional Japanese Prints

One new feature at the new location is a little nook with traditional Japanese prints in traditional Japanese colors. Indigo, purple, mustard, pink, and red are commonly used in the old kimonos. They are traditional. They are modern. They are cute. They are beautiful. They are wabi-sabi. Come and see them yourself.


  1. These fabrics have a very nice hand and texture, usually a bit heavier than the American quilting fabrics. I have a bit that I hope to make into a skirt soon. The prints graphics work well for that as well as small items like little bags.

    I hope you are able to expand your collection of Japanese fabrics to include more of the new ones. Quality of both designs and fabric is usually stunning and they come in different mixes of cotton, cotton/linen, double-gauze, etc. that are harder to find. I am tempted by them online, but would prefer to see in person and buy locally.

  2. yes, i am expanding my japanese fabrics. their quality is truly amazing. and yes, yes, and yes, please support local businesses.