Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sew & Tell - Marcy's Three Tiered Skirt

Everyone, please meet America's next model, Olivia. Here she is wearing an adorable three tiered skirt that her mom, Marcy made. Phew, she made it just in time for the Easter branch. And all in pink, of course. Olivia loves it so much that she can't stop modeling :-) Here are a few shots from our photo shoot. She is just adorable. You will be charmed. Thanks, Marcy and Olivia, and dad (for playing with Dash)! And Happy Easter!
whenever olivia visits peapod with her mom and dad, dash is the first one to greet them. he can smell their dog on her.
take one...okay, olivia look at the camera. okay, dash move out of the way. well, it didn't work...

take two...on the chair. very elegant...

take three...yes, this is it! fun and charming. that's olivia!

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