Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sew & Tell - Lena's Shower Curtain

I'm honored finally to post the first Sew & Tell after moving to the new location. Well, I was way over due actually. It's Peapod's neighbor, Lena's shower curtain. This cheerful flower print is just so perfect for this purpose. As most medium weight cotton comes in 44 inches wide, we always have to seam two panels of fabrics for a big project like this. But, she managed to match the print from the two panels, so it looks seamless. Especially In an all white bathroom (what can I say, she is from Ikea country), the blooms look so happy. So so happy. Great work, Lena! Your bathroom looks fantastic! But your work makes me feel bad because I am so over due for my own shower curtain. Anyways, thank you always.

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