Saturday, April 30, 2011


I've been in a sewing mood these days.This jumper is one of the samples that I've made. It's super easy. The pattern package looks okay in my opinion. Actually it's pretty cute compared to the majority of their patterns (sorry to say this, but it's true). But, it might still be hard for some beginner sewers to look beyond the package. Girls, you don't have to make exactly what the patterns say. Just look for the basic styles. The basic ones are usually very easy to make requiring fewer steps. I'm sure this jumper is something everyone of us had worn when we were kids. Even as a little tomboy, I remember I had the same style jumper in corduroy when I was little. For a jumper 2011 version, I used heavy weight cotton in a large modern Scandinavian print. It's timeless, and it's time for you to sew for your little girl.

a modern gray pattern for the lining...

little girl, i have nothing against you and you look lovely, but you would look freaky styley in my jumper :-)
the pattern available at peapod fabrics...

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