Sunday, August 8, 2010

Living Room Curtain

While potty training a puppy, yes, I've been working on the house very slowly. The house came with plastic blinds on every window which I always hated. But with million other things around the house to work on, it was fine for the time being. But, I had to whip myself up to make a new curtain for the living room window as its blind got broken a couple days ago. The French window is charming, but it's in pretty bad shape as it is the original to the house over 60 years old. One panel of the window won't shut completely leaving us to feel the drift on a cold night. So I used the heavy canvas dot to keep us a bit warm. I will eventually make it double layered for the extra warmth before winter. Yes, fabric makes a difference in comfort as well as physical appearance. I love the way it looks.

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