Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Doggy Bandannas

Did you notice our proud dog on the top page of my site? Don't you think he looks cool? I know I have an Ice Cream Dress to sew, but you know the motivation is higher when you have a real model to dress up. In my case it's Dash, of course. I made these bandannas over the weekend. OMG, what am I doing? I always thought it was tacky to dress up a pet. Especially with a cheesy tasteless outfit. But, I'm becoming one of those people:-) We remove his harness when at home because it looks like it irritates his skin. So I thought a bandanna will help identify him just in case he slips out of the door. And it makes him look like he has an owner. (My boy keeps saying that he looks like a stray without a collar or harness). I think he likes it. Or more truthfully it doesn't bother him :-)

D: am i done yet?
he doesn't look so proud with these worrying eyes...but i love his insecure look...

the other side of the turquoise dot is a red humpty dumpty print...
he is messing up my vegetable garden :-(

D: it's not that i don't like your bandanna, mama. i'm just hungry... am i done yet?

a richard scarry print bandanna...combined with...

a good old katie jump rope print...
D: yay, i'm done!


  1. do you sell the Richard Scarry print at the store??

  2. i have the same print in sky blue. the one in the photo was in yellow x green.