Sunday, June 6, 2010

Water Lily Tunic in Action

Okay, here is an update on the water lily tunic. It fits Dianne perfectly! Yay! After all, the fabric wasn't heavy. I was worried that the front pleats might look too bulky on her, but no, they drape very well. She looks very cute with the loose pants and sneakers. I love it, and most importantly Dianne loves it too! Thank you Dianne for being patient.


  1. I love the way that the pleats change the dimensions of the large checks in the fabric! I made this tunic in a small gold & white check-type print. It is so comfortable--a favorite. A bit loose, as are many of the Japanese dress & tunic patterns. A bolero-type cardigan helps make it look a bit more fitted.

  2. i'm glad you noticed that detail :-) it was my favorite part. don't you love that book? i'm planning to make one for myself too.