Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sew & Tell - Marilyn's Dress

Do you have a grandma who sews for you? I don't, and I am jealous of a little girl who is receiving this lovely birdie dress in the mail soon. I don't know where this lucky girl lives, but her sweet grandma Marilyn lives nearby Peapod. It just makes me smile when a grandma makes something and sends it to someone special who lives a long distance away. Marilyn used one of the McCall's patterns (sorry no luck finding it, maybe an out of the print pattern). I love this teeny tiny birdie print on gingham. It's classic! I mean both the choice of fabric and style. To me this is the classic "a-grandma-makes-for-a-little-granddaughter dress." So who wants a grandma like Marilyn? I DO! Thank you, Marilyn!

Love the detailed pockets...just so cute...

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