Saturday, October 4, 2014

Closing Sale

So folks, this is it!  
I am so sorry to announce that October is the last month for Peapod's brick and mortar shop.  The closing sale will start next Tuesday at 1pm.  Everything will be 20-75% off.
Until then, the shop will be closed.


  1. I'm very sad to hear that! Sorry the sales aren't adding up.

  2. There goes the neighborhood...I was so thrilled when you opened and now so sad that you are closing! Cooper and I will miss you, Dash and Chowder.

  3. oh no! I am so sadden about the closing of heart is heavy with the loss of such a wonderful store.

  4. Oh no!! I love your store and collection! Are you open tomorrow, Oct 18th?

  5. So sorry to see your beautiful shop closing :.-(... Appreciated your carefully curated fabrics & supplies over the years. And, all your kind help coordinating fabrics & sorting out pattern directions.

    Wishing you happy & fulfilling adventures to come!

  6. So sad! You were my go to place for baby gift fabrics. Will you be selling online?