Friday, September 19, 2014


I was thinking about getting another dog for quite a while, but I couldn't decide until the boy moved out.  After he left, Dash seemed bored and less playful.  He became very clingy too. Yeah, we all miss the boy.  I thought another dog would be a good companion to Dash if he could get along.  And that was my very concern because he gets very territorial with some dogs.  I also wanted to help save those shelter dogs.  I always had this feeling, but it grew stronger ever since I got sick last summer. With the boy out of home, I have space to provide.  I know I can't save all the dogs in need, but I can help one.  I was on every night (this is where I found Dash too), went to Rocket Dog Rescue's adoption events, and visited the local animal shelters.  I wanted a big dog, but considering all my circumstances, it had to be a small dog.  Chowder (renamed) was the first one I saw at SFACC (San Francisco Animal Care & Control).  She wasn't exactly my type of dog, but I couldn't stop thinking about her.  Dash and Chowder had their first greeting that day, but we both were not sure about the whole thing. After all, it was up to Dash, not me.  We went home, but I felt terrible leaving her at the shelter. Next day I saw another dog at a different shelter, but I knew it wasn't "the one."  By that time, I knew Chowder was the one.  I went back to see her twice that week, and after one more greeting with Dash, I finally signed the adoption paper.  She came home five days later.  It's only her second week at home, but she has already established her place in the house, and Dash finally started to accept her.  The first few days were very tough for Dash to acknowledge her.  Hence, exhausting days and nights for me.  Now they play like brother and a sister.  I am very happy with the outcome and just glad that I was able to give her a permanent home.  
So if you are getting a pet, please consider to adopt.
Hello, I'm Chowder. I don't know much about myself, but I'm a happy one year old terrier mutt. I was on the street when someone picked me up and brought me to the shelter.  I was so scared. Once in a while someone came to take me out for a walk, but other than that, I had to stay in a cell that looked like a jail.  I didn't know what was going to happen to me, but one day, a nice lady came to say hi and took me out of that place.  You have no idea how happy I was.

Chowder: I love sunbathing with my brother.  Happiness is warm sunshine...
Dash: hey, that's my line!

Chowder: I also love to play Tug of War, and I always win...

Chowder: Zzzz...
Dash: She wore me out...

Dash: Mama, my bed is getting!
Chowder: I'm pretty comfy...

What a huge progress one week made!!! Chowder couldn't even get 3 feet close to Dash's bed because of his territorial temper.

Chowder always wins a battle over the bed. Poor Dash gave up and found a tiny sunny spot on the hardwood...

I couldn't stand Dash's desperate call for help so I made them matching beds.  The larger one was intended for Dash for obvious reasons, but again Chowder got what she wanted.  Well, she was a survivor on the street. She had to be tough.

Chowder: Mama made me a pretty quilt!  Nobody ever made me a quilt before.  Now I feel very special...

Chowder: I've never snuggled in a feels soooo nice!

Chowder needs to learn some house manners and basic commands.  Once she was on top of the coffee table sipping my tea.  I know it sounds cute, but it's not right.   She does things that I never had to worry about with Dash.  Here she is being trained for "Stay" and she is getting it.  Dash already knows it, and he is good.

This and next photos were taken when I first met her at the shelter.  She was very scared and shaking.

I just hated to see her in the cement cell.

Chowder: Grass feels oh so good! Yep, everyone believe in second chances!


  1. She's super cute and so is Dash!!

  2. Oh wow! What big changes! Your son moved out and a new dog! I hope all is well with you. It's been quite a ride this year, hasn't it?! I had the same thought about a dog when I was sick too ... we pick our puppy up tomorrow! I'll bring him by in a few weeks to say hello to Dash and Chowder ;-)

    1. Kathryn! I was thinking of you the other day. Hope you are well too. And a puppy? Wow! I knew you were getting it someday :-) Dash and Chowder can't wait to see him/her.