Thursday, September 18, 2014

Empty Nest

So August has passed.  What a month it was!  I had to stay in bed for more than a week, and there was a big change at home.  The boy moved out.  Yep, he left for college.  I knew that I would miss him as the day approached, but I was okay with it.  I knew it was his first step to explore outside his nest, and it is a good thing.  We drove to Southern California to drop him off.  He couldn't wait to get down there to start a life without supervision, but the first night was unexpectedly tough for him.  He felt his first loneliness in a new town.  Me?  Yeah, I shed some tears, gave him a kiss and a hug, and some life wisdom, and drove off with Dash in the passenger seat.  Yes, I always miss him, but after we both adjusted the new way of living, I am okay.  I will enjoy more time for myself and you know what?  I found that sending him care packages is a fun thing to do.  I've already sent him twice with healthy home made snacks.  I just wish I could send him home cooked meals.    
In the meantime, I was busy sewing things for him. This is one of them.  He requested a small backpack for his knickknacks when he goes to concerts.  

I used black washed denim, one of the new arrivals at the shop.  

He loved loved loved it! He was searching for one all over the town, but couldn't find the right one even at the cool shops on Haight Street.

It's a really simple design so I cut the leather scraps into triangles and sewed them at the end of the straps as a stopper.  He loved the combination of denim, grommet, and leather.  Me too!

I bought him a new bedding and sewed a pair of pillow cases too.

And here is the finished wonky start quilt.  Yes, it was for the boy to take with him.  It was my surprise gift to him.  

He sent me a picture of his settled room. Looks nice, huh?
So he left...let's look at the bright side.  This will be my studio soon!!!

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  1. Life is beautiful and I am so happy you're enjoying your wonderful life! Chowder is really cute and seems to fit in really nice. As for the Boy's new adventure--hooray---he has a very strong foundation to build from and support his new endeavors.

    Happy Fall to you, Dash and Chowder...