Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sew & Tell

Warm weather is upon us, as spring has arrived.  It's time to put your no sleeve dress on!  So Karen made this with espresso Kona cotton.  She made it at the Sonya Phillip's workshop, but she did it her own way.  She tightened the whole dress, gathered the front neck line, and put the whimsical pom-pom on the hem.  How cute is this?
 I love the red stitching!
So Spring has come, and the fog is already back.  So, forget the short sleeve dress.  Instead, you need a big lofty comforter to warm you up on a chilly summer night.  I'm gonna call the creator of this duvet cover "Miss Braids" because she always has two cute braids on her hair (so sorry forgot to ask your name, Miss Braids).  She pieced these tiny Japanese cherry blossom prints with the civil war reproduction prints to make it a queen size.  I think they go pretty well together and love its rustic look.  It looks so warm!
Thank you, Karen!  Thank you, Miss Braids!

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