Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jen Hewett

So how many of you still read the physical copies of newspapers?  Honestly, I hardly do it, but my landlord and one of the instructors at my ceramic studio are among those who still do.  They surprised me by telling me that I was in the paper.  No, no, not me.  Jen was in the paper.  Jen Hewett, my ex-neighbor who lives at my old apartment, was in the Home and Garden section of the SF Chronicle this past Sunday.  She kindly mentioned Peapod as her favorite fabric store in the city.

What a huge accomplishment!  Look, how big her photo is.  One entire page is dedicated to her success story.  Congratulations, Jen!  And thank you!


  1. So nice!

    And you are my favorite fabric store in the city, too. :)

    Actually I have to come see you very soon, I am taking a plant-dyes workshop this weekend and I need some un-dyed natural fabrics. Do you have suggestions? Do you still have some natural unprinted cottons?

    I am open to suggestions!

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth :-)
    I have natural color linen right now. I think that's un-dyed. I have unprinted cottons, but they are all dyed. Does white cotton work for your project?

  3. I think white cotton / natural linen will work! I am hoping to stop by this evening after work, will you still be open at 5:20 or so? :) Thank you as always.

    1. Have fun tomorrow. Let me know how it goes.