Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sew & Tell

I'm always a big fan of sack style totes.  And this one that Nari made is totally my taste.  She used heavy cotton so she didn't have to line it.  It's simple and easy, but she put a little twist to show her creativity.  Along with her choice of fabric, the egg shaped cut-out makes the ordinary tote more modern and artistic.
Now let's talk about Victoria's messenger bag.  She used linen in flax color (my all time favorite) for the exterior and the cute robot print.  Oh, don't we all miss those whimsy half linen/cotton prints from Japan?  I love the red trim against the linen's natural color.  I think it is one of the best color combos. 
Don't you love those red stitches around the buttons?
Oh hey, speaking of Japanese linen/cotton, here is one of them.  Pink ballerinas!  This dress is made by Kathy.  She is such a meticulous sewer.  She always pays so much attentions to detail.  Look at the details on the trims and pockets!  The dress was just a step away from being finished when she stopped by, but I'm sure her daughter made her classmates jealous when she wore it for her first day of school.  Yup, school is in session again.  Congrats to the SF parents.  We survived :-)
It looks like Kanako's wardrobe is getting larger.  Everything she makes is so light and airy.  Again, she is all about Japanese aesthetics.   She made it with a black pencil stripe chevron print.  Just with two buttons on the shoulders, this is an easy peasy shift dress.  It could be dressed up and down depending on how she accessorises it.  Here, she is casually dressed down and looking pretty cute.
Thank you much, everyone!  Happy sewing!

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