Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sew & Tell

On one weekend, a busy grad student, Amy, had to whip herself up to make a dress for her friend's wedding to attend.  Isn't it nice to have such a skill?  This indigo floral print is just so gorgeous.  She ended up not wearing it to the wedding for some reason, but if she did, she would have gotten more attention than the bride :-)
Everyone has a different taste in the style of quilts, and a generation gap plays a lot in this.  Bonnie and her daughter, Christina, are a perfect example.  Bonnie makes quilts like her three meals a day.  It's just a part of her life.  But, Christina had rarely given a good praise for Bonnie's quilts.  But, Christina was happy to see what her mother made this time.  Bonnie was happy to make this quilt for Christina's friend's baby, and Christina gave it a lots of praises this time.
Kanako totally owns Japanese aesthetics.  Simple, clean, yet beautiful.  This dress surely shows all that.  Just like anything else in Japanese aesthetics, let the quality shine in the simplest way. 
I love how she layered it with her ice blue cashmere cardigan.
Peapod's Window Gallery, which displays Anson and Gonzalez's beautiful pillows, has totally inspired Ryoko.  She usually makes things for her little friends whom she babysits, but she has never made anything for her home despite her husband's plea to own some pillows.  No pillows in a house?  I know she lives in a very homey home, and these cute pillows will make it even homier. 
Patch-worked pillows are your stash buster...

Thank you, everyone.  Keep sewing.

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