Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sew & Tell - Yufu's Graduation Dresses

It's been about two months since Yufu's last Sew & Tell, and this is an update from that post. The older sister, Saho graduated from her preschool in June, and this is the dress her mom made for the big day. A bright and festive choice to celebrate her past fun preschool year achievements and the new beginning as a 'big" school girl. Yufu also made a matching head band to enhance a festive spirit a bit more. I know how proud she was to see her little girl up on a stage. Congratulations Saho! I hope your coming years will be full of fun. Oh, didn't I tell you that Saho makes everything in a pair? Well, she did it again. Two girls, two dresses, and two head bands! Great work, Yufu! And thank you, Saho and Shino!

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