Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sew & Tell - Francine's Tunic

So we are having a wonderful summer here in the city. No, I am being sarcastic. It's grey and grey. We all wish we could spend all day in short sleeves, but it doesn't happen that often here in this unique town. But look at the positive side. We could enjoy a layered look all year around comfortably, just as Francine is enjoying in her purple tunic. She used this traditional Japanese print in smokey purple, and if you've ever noticed from her past Sew & Tell, purple is her favorite color. It really looks great on her! She made up a simple boxy dress pattern and sewed straight on the waist a few times with an elastic thread for the instant smocking look. I have to try this method. As usual, she looks so relaxed and elegant. Thank you, Francine!

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