Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sew & Tell - Lisa's Birdie Sling Bag

So, is everyone busy sewing? Not really? Warning! warning! know that there is just a week to finish everything if you are exchanging a gift. What are you guys making? Me? To be honest, I haven't started yet. I love making and giving simple things like napkins and tea towels. But, you know you can't do that every year to the same person. I know I should be making something like Lisa has been making. A bag! This is Lisa's very first bag. She is so excited about it. She was modest about her sewing skills, but I think she did a wonderful job. Who cares if the stitches are a bit off? Not that her stitches are off. They are fine, I told her. It's more important that she enjoyed the whole making of it. You might have noticed that she used this pattern. Good job, Lisa and thank you!

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