Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Hand Towel

So, is your home getting ready for the holidays? Mine is. A week before Thanksgiving, I started to work physically on a simple makeover in our bathroom (a mental makeover had started immediately after we moved in). What I did will be another post. Shoot, I forgot to take "before" pictures again. But, a little holiday decoration is under way even in the smallest spaces in the house. As I enjoy changing bedding and tablecloths, I like to place a new towel in the bathroom by the seasons or occasions. It makes me feel good when I hang a crisp clean linen towel in the bathroom before the holidays. I think I got it from my mom. She always placed a new towel in the bathroom before a new year (oh, I miss her so much). I have made a few holiday theme towels in the past, and there is another addition to them this year. As usual, I used my beautiful white linen (just $15 per yard at Peapod) and embroidered a greeting with a red floss.

Backstitch is one of the simplest embroidery stitches.
typed in the font i wanted and traced on the towel using a tracing paper.
this tracing paper from clover company is excellent ($4.25). no comparison to others.

mr.turtle on the shell has been with us for many many years...
yes, it's a blue bathroom. no, i didn't mean it, but it was so hard to coordinate with this typical 50's salmon pink accent tiles. i painted it on the day after Thanksgiving. i wanted it to look serene and a bit modern, but i couldn't deny it. it is a vintage bathroom! so i had to work with the characters of the space. well, in this case the pink accent tiles. so this is what it looks like, and i am liking it. well, any color would be better than dingy white walls full of brush marks and flaws. it's light and airy, my definitions of a comfortable home.
a snow town towel i made a couple of years ago hanging in my old apartment bathroom...

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