Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yellow Patchworked Tablecloth

So after all, I was the one who needed a new tablecloth for the holiday table. Or maybe just for everyday use. I patchworked four yellow prints randomly. I love it. It makes me so happy. Everytime I pass by the kitchen, I stop and admire it. And I could do this forever. I even brush my teeth in the kitchen so I can admire it again. It became one of the things that make me smile. Well, things I make for home should always make me happy anyway. There are so many flaws, but I love my home!

a flower from our yard...

i've been searching for kitchen art for the empty wall next to the window, but no luck yet.
maybe i should make something myself. a mini quilt in a frame? or another little display shelf?
i used the following prints + yellow solid...

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