Monday, November 15, 2010

Sew & Tell - Lisa's Quilt

Lisa was one of a few people who discovered me right after Peapod was opened. I still remember the first thing she said when she stepped in. "WHAT are you doing here? You are in the WRONG neighborhood!" she said in her amazed voice. And I also remember what she purchased on her first visit which was a brown linen dress with embroidered roses for her little girl and a wool tote bag for herself. Both my handmade works. No fabric. Because making a quilt, or maybe touching a sewing machine, was not her thing back then. But, ever since her first visit she wanted to learn quilt making. So she whipped herself up, and voila! This quilt! I loved being able to enjoy this quilt being progressed over time. Her striped blocks were growing slowly every time she came back for more fabrics to add to. Then backing and binding. Honestly, it's been a while since I first saw this quilt in progress, but she finished it! She even rented a long arm quilt machine and quilted herself in a free circular motion. Amazing! Gorgeous colors. And I LOVE the wonky stripes. Thank you, Lisa for sharing!

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