Saturday, January 30, 2010

Vogue Patterns Magazine

The recent issue of Vogue Patterns Magazine features where to go for fabric shopping in the Bay Area. It's been a while since the photographer came to shoot the shop photos, and I never heard from them until a sweet stranger lady recently called me to let me know. As a self-taught sewer/crafter/quilter, I have never been a serious clothing seamstress at all. And to be honest, I had never seen the magazine before until again another sweet lady brought it to the shop to share with me. I didin't have time to read the article, but quickly took these photos. I need to go get the copy for myself. So if you have a chance, please take a look. You know the garment industry is hurting as the recession continues, just like other businesses, but we are here. Trying to keep our doors open. Every store is different and is proud of what it offers. And I believe the city of San Francisco needs Peapod :-) There are big chain stores and numerous online stores, but your local stores add a charm to the communities. This goes to any small businesses, like book stores or coffee shops. So your support helps. Thank you Vogue Patterns Magazine, and YOU folks for your support!


  1. Yeah! I'm glad you're in Vogue. Now you're famous nationwide! (Cupcake Girl)

  2. Is this that cupcake girl I saw at the zoo last summer? I'm assuming so...
    let's make the sf sewing community larger!
    Thanks Bonnie!