Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Work in Progress

This is what I am working on, and this tunic is for Diane. It's almost ready.
I still need to do some handstitching. 100% cotton in slate.

sewing the sleeves were a bit tricky...
this book is full of an organic spirit. very nice...
Diane got it at Kinokuniya in Japantown.
it will look like this. but i figured that the model is much taller than Diane.
we might have to shorten the length...
a bit of girliness on the back...


  1. Do you have the title or ISBN for that pattern book?

    I love the looks in many Japanese sewing books--comfortable and good for layering (a nice thing with SF weather). The diagrams show you how to figure out construction, if you have a bit of sewing experience--kind of like figuring out origami instructions. (Just remember to add the seam allowance when tracing the pattern!) And, the price isn't bad, considering the books contain patterns for many garments.

  2. Hi Lark,
    ISBN for this book is 978-4-391-62888-3.
    Yup, I agree...Japanese sewing/crafing books are excellent. Happy Sewing!