Friday, May 17, 2013

Mother's Day Sewing

Okay, here is what the twins sewed for their mom.  A patchworked scarf!  The twins wanted to pick the fabric, but know, I didn't think their mom wanted to wear a yellow cats or orange monkey print scarf.  It was fine for their cloud mobile to be bright and fun, but for their mom, the six years old kids' fabric choice was a bit risky.  So I picked the fabrics the day before as their father depended on me for more subtle colors.  Yep, it was a secret team work to surprise the mom.  And it worked very well.  She loved it!
Sarah proudly showed Amelia how to hand stitch the cat's eye as she mastered it a week before...
Making a card for mom...
These were what they used...soothing, subtle, but a bit whimsical with the some creatures hidden in the print.  Very pretty! No cats or monkey, but wait, is it a frog?  We were praising how pretty the scarf turned out while they worked on the cards, and they cracked me up during the conversation. 
me: "Oh gosh, it's so pretty!  Your mom is gonna love it.  It's so classy."
one of the twins: "What's classy?"
me: "um, it means beautiful...and um, sophisticated."
the other twin: "What's Sophie scared of?"
me: "What?"  The twin repeated it. 
me: "Who's Sophie?"  I thought she was all of sudden talking about her friend.
the twin: "You said that Sophie is scared." 
I was puzzled for a moment and burst out laughing.  I explained it to them again, and we all were smiling.  They are just adorable!

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