Wednesday, May 8, 2013

From the Sewing Nook...

So what are you guys doing, making, or buying for your mom?  The twins knew what they wanted to do for their mom.  Make something for her, of course.  We discussed it last week while they worked on the cloud mobile.  "Well, I think she would love this dress." One of them was touching and admiring the front pleated dress on display.  "Yeah!" The other one strongly agreed.  "Uh...probably not this time"  I said.  I know it's fun to be a little kid and believe anything is possible to make in 90 minutes.  But, you know, unfortunately an adult has to deal with the reality.  So we discussed it more and decided on something simpler.  We worked on that project yesterday and it turned out beautifully.  Sorry, no disclosure just yet until Mother's Day. 
They usually make one item respectively, but this day it was a joint project.  Sarah took a break from the cat and was focusing on the cloud while Amelia jumped up and down to show her love for sewing.
They usually work on multiple things.  This is an ongoing project, taking little steps at a time.  Sarah did a good job on hand stitching the cat's face while Amelia was machine sewing the rain drops for the mobile. 
Why not a blue and orange cloud?  Their imagination is just amazing!
If you are wondering about the was a free dress day for Amelia's class...

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