Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tins and Wool

Yes! I was finally able to upload a new cover photo on to my site. Well, I still have a few problems and need to do something about it, but I left it for now. It's just that my computer is getting old. So anyways, the new December cover shows six of my recent projects. As you know, I've been busy poking and rolling those beautiful wool roving. Here are  the results. It actually started with a mysterious non-identical pink shape. I was trying to make a heart with the fuchsia roving, but I gave up. Well, a good crafter never wastes anything, and it somehow became a diamond shape pincushion in a tiny tart tin. I got them when I first started baking in middle school, but I probably used them once.   After that they were collecting dust in my childhood home. So after many years, they came back to life as a sewing tool. Baking and sewing, two of my favorite things...they came together. Isn't that nice? 
They will be available for sale at the window.  And the needle felting workshop is happening on Friday.  You can make something like these, and more samples by Ryoko will be there. 

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