Friday, November 2, 2012

This New Old Chair

The November cover features my new old chair which had a fabulous makeover.  This is the "before" chair, a 60-70s discolored avocado green vinyl chair which I thrifted several years ago for $25.  I almost gave it away before our move a couple years ago from our old apartment, but it served us for a while at our current home until our puppy dog chewed up the vinyl on the right side arm.  Since then it had been sitting in our garage along with my other chair which also has teeth marks on the left side arm.  You guess whose.  I kept them because I always thought to reupholster them myself someday.  They have good bones.  But, when will it happen?  Besides I'm not skilled at all.  Then Sam came along.  Yes, the man behind this makeover.  I had this herringbone fabric by Joel Dewberry in mind for this chair, but my concern was its weight.  It is a regular quilting weight cotton, but according to Sam, it was no problem.  Regular medium weight cotton works with a lining.   It's great news because we have more choices with the regular weight cotton.  Sam added the piping all around, and it looks great.  Clean and sleek.  You see, I chose fabric for my positively plus quilt with this chair in mind because I knew it was going to go on the shop window together.  Sam is going to work on the other chair next.  I just have to choose fabric for it.  So, if you have a project like this, there is Sam who can help you.  His rates are pretty reasonable, especially for his craftsmanship.   His website will be available soon, but until then you can contact him by email at
"before" in my garage...
"after" in my living room, but the chair is located at the shop...
The piping makes it.  Beautiful work!  Thank you, Sam!

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