Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hace una falda para mi sobrina

So what's up with the Spanish copy on the July cover?  Well, this skirt was for one of my nieces who was visiting from Madrid and just turned to seven.  I chose the print the day before and made it in the morning of the bash.  I was about to leave the house and realized that it was July.  A new month!  I usually do, but I had nothing on my mind for the new cover this time.  Well, this should be it then.  I quickly took the photo, but didn't know what to say on the cover.  Thought about it for a little moment, then the Spanish idea came up.  Hence, una falda para mi sobrina (a skirt for my niece).  It's the power of the foreign language.  Spanish made the ordinary sentence sound dramatic :-)
Instead of wrapping it in paper, I also made a small furoshiki to wrap little things for the two girls.  These could be used as a scarf or head band later. 

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