Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Good morning!  I just had breakfast.  A breakfast burrito.  And thanks to my salsa, I am so awake.  I've been watching how to make salsa de roja on Youtube and I combined everyone's recipes.  The thing is that most of the videos I've watched were in Spanish, so I just guessed how much of each ingredient to add as I made it.  This is my third attempt with chile de arbol, and it is my best so far.  You should've seen me eating a chicken taco with my first homemade salsa.  I didn't remove any seeds...boy, it was painful.  The photo is chile de japones, and it is making me sweat as I look at it.  Have a good day, everyone!
a 58 cent egg...better be good, right?
yum...got the energy for the day!

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