Friday, November 18, 2011

Sew & Tell - Eva's Cupcake Duo

So it wasn't just Francine's family who was moving out of the city. Soon Peapod will loose another loyal customer :-( Well, luckily she will be an hour and half away. Eva took a little break from sewing as her sewing machine was still packed in the box from her previous move. She didn't want to unpack things because she found out that her family will be moving again soon. But, she couldn't go on with her life without her lovely sewing machine any longer. So she took it out of the box, then boom, the sewing bug took over. The first thing she made after a reunion with her machine was a cupcake dress for her little girl. Then she had a little left over. Not big enough to make anything, you think? No, it was plenty to make a patchwork skirt for the wise mom. This one is for her second little girl. They are as sweet as cupcakes! Thank you, Eva and remember it's just an hour and half :-)

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