Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sew & Tell

Oh, August!  I feel like summer is almost over.  School starts soon for many big kids, but those little ones are lucky, still being able to enjoy the summer and be little those handmade outfits by their moms, grandmas, or aunts.
The first one is Alison's Ice Cream Dress for her little girl.  A classic summer dress! 
And here is a fairy tale dress that Grandma Carol made for her granddaughter.  Another classic summer dress!
And here is Jenner's two tiered skirt for her little Georgia.  She got a bit camera shy and didn't want to put it on, but she held it for the camera.  Thank you Georgia.
And this After-school Shirt and Pants were made by Aunt Laurel for her niece. 
The back side of the pants...
Aunt Laurel also made this Tea Party Sundress.  It's screaming summer!
All are so cute and full of love!  Little girls, it's a special thing to have someone who makes you clothes!  Enjoy it as much as you can.  I know one day you will be telling someone about you growing up with these handmade clothes that your family members made.  Lots of people have told me how they should've appreciated it more when they were kids.  Thank you, everyone!

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