Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Breakfast and Succulents

What did you have for breakfast?  Me?  Wait, I did this recently, didn't I?  Well, I just wanted to show off my pottery again.  So this is what I ate this morning.  A piece of toast, spinach, eggs, tomatoes served on my square plate.  And yogurt with berries in my smaller bowl.  I didn't like the way the square plate looked when I was hand building it, but it turned out nicely.  I made two of the smaller bowls, but the other one wasn't so lucky. Someone's work exploded in the kiln and my bowl got broken pieces stuck inside the bowl.  I guess these things happen once in a while.  So what can I do?
This overgrown succulent needed to get out of this hanging glass terrarium ASAP.  So I tried to remove the plant, but the terrarium cracked and broke...
So the flawed small bowl became handy to hold the rescued plant.  A happy ending...

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