Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sew & Tell

Marilyn is a diligent quilter.  This one is for her good friend.  Well, if someone deserves such a nice handmade quilt like this one, that person has to be a very good friend.  And she is.  Her friend gave her a rescue dog with which she goes everywhere.  
Have a closer look.  I love the blues and tans and grays together.  And I love how every block of big gray dots looks different.  So everyone, do not hesitate to use larger prints for small squares.  They create an interesting visual effect.  She tied it with white yarn which adds warmth to the soothing cool colors. 
Thank you, Marilyn!
And here is the newest action at the Peapod sewing class room (well, a sewing class nook to be exact).  These adorable six-year old twins, Sarah and Amelia, walk by Peapod everyday and thought it would be cool to sew.  In fact, among the other things they take, sewing will be one of their after school programs.  So at the first lesson, they sewed the owl's eyes and beak on the body by hand and got a glimpse of how a sewing machine operates.  The results are in their hands.  The owl ornament, which I modified to make it a lot easier for their age. Oh, they loved it!  And so did I!  Thank you, Sarah and Amelia!

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