Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sew & Tell - Miyuki's Shirt for Dad

I know it's not June. Even Mother's Day is not here yet. But, Miyuki was planning to make her dad a shirt as he requested. It is hard to find the right fabric for mens' shirts, but it is even harder if your dad is picky about what he wears. It's a good thing that your dad still cares about how he looks though, right? We all want dad to look great even after a certain age. So Miyuki found this peachy sorbet and turquoise gingham at Peapod and got an approval from her dad to go ahead to make a shirt. The result is right here! It looks great on her dad. It looks very tailored too. I know it is hard to see the fabric, but it is the same fabric I used for my Anna Tunic a while ago, which I never blogged about, but I featured it as the August 2011 cover. I'm glad that Miyuki's dad has the same taste as I do. We have matching shirts now :-) I'm sure he is so proud of her shirt as well as his amazing daughter. Great work and thank you, Miyuki!

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