Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I'm afraid that I might have ruined your sewing plans for the holidays because of the boy's accident. I know one lady was checking almost everyday to see if I received the whole collection of Echo. I was expecting lots of shipments last week, but because of the accident I had to ask my neighbor to receive my packages. Driving back and forth from the hospital, I picked up the packages, but I had to leave them in the shop without unpacking them until yesterday. So here it is! The whole collection is available (some prints are not photographed here). I have many ideas to make things with these. A bag. A table runner. A tunic. A pillow. A modern quilt would be very nice too. Or maybe a new table cloth to welcome a new year. Endless possibilities...

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  1. I was SO sorry to hear about your son last week and wasn't able to post until today! His health is so important so I do hope you've been able to take time for him. So glad to see you have all the Lotta fabrics in. We're your loyal customers so we certainly don't mind waiting a few weeks, especially with what's happened! Little Zoey (lover of Dash) and I will be by in early January. In the meantime, our hearts are with you and your son. Take care!