Friday, March 18, 2011

Dispatch From 1400 Irving

So sorry for not coming here for so long. One word. Swamped! Up to setting up the shelves was fast, so I was feeling good about opening. But, after that work slowed down and I started to feel pressure. It's been like day I have big progress, but next day no progress at all. Just sitting there staring at the space thinking. While this high maintenance dog of ours looks at me with begging eyes to go to the park. Then the disaster hit North Eastern Japan. I was glued to the TV as things became worse every minute. The images on the news were just incredible. My family lives in West Japan, but I called my dad just in case, but their phones were down until three days later. They were okay...well, from the earthquake and tsunami for now, but radiation exposure? Very scary. Thank you for those who thought about me. My heart goes to those who have lived in the disaster area. My heart ached when I heard there were people who survived the earthquake and tsunami, but died in the evacuation shelters or hospitals because they didn't have sufficient supplies and care. I turn on the heater in the morning and think about those in the shelters without heat. It's been snowing there. I've never posted on anything like this even when I helped for Haiti, but please support in anyway you can.

As today's post naturally became a sort of a pledge of aid, but I meant it as an announcement for the new location. So here it is. The shop will be reopen on next Friday, March 25th at 1400 Irving St @15th Ave. Thank you everyone for being patient with me!!!


  1. Yay!!! SO excited that your family is okay AND the shop is reopening!!

  2. Happy to hear that your family is ok for now, and I hope they are safe from the risk of radiation.
    Looking forward to the re-opening of Peapod and glad to hear you'll be even closer to my house, just two blocks up from my house!
    See you soon,

  3. I too have been thinkinig about you and your family! These times of disaster bring perspective to our lives and helps us stay focused on what is important--a walk in the park with your favorite dog and a helping hand where needed.

    Will stop by on Saturday to celebrate a new beginning!

  4. happy to read your family is fine.
    Happy to read that I will visit you soon in your new place...
    Happy spring is around and hope with...
    Emma from San Francisco

  5. I'm so glad you're family is ok! But what is happening to the people and the country is so devastating!
    Well, I can't wait to make it to the NEW shop!!!

  6. Thankfully your family is fine and my thoughts go out to all your countrymen and women.

    I am so excited about your new location--I can roll out of bed and be at your door in two seconds. YEAH! Puppy might have to come and have a playdate with Mr. Cooper.

    See you Friday!

    Mary Guerra

  7. Good to hear that your family is OK! I look forward to seeing your new shop!!! Best wishes.