Friday, October 26, 2012

Inside the Medicine Cabinet

My medicine cabinet went through a little makeover recently with the laminated raindrop fabric.  It makes me (and even the boy. He says it's retro!  Is it?) happy everytime I open it.  I just love this iron-on vinyl thing ($4.95/yard if you are wondering).  I wanted to try it again after Dash's placemat.  So the pocket organizer idea came up while brushing my teeth one night.  The cabinet was getting crammed with stuff.  You know those things that take up the space horizontally.  So annoying.  I went through the stuff I never touched for years and tossed it away.  Now it is minimized and it feels good.  I also put the fabric, also laminated, on the back of the cabinet itself like wallpaper. I used temporary quilt basting spray adhesive to stick it on because that was the only spray adhesive I had at home.  And it worked!  
A pocket organizer is pretty handy to tidy up the small flat things...


  1. For small thin items, this has a lot of potential. Thanks.

  2. I just love the pocket idea for the door! I'm not terribly handy...could you give a few more pointers on making that happen? Just stitch rows of fabric and then stitch vertical to make individual pockets? Is this laminated like the fabric on the back wall? I just repainted my old cabinet and I'm going to do this!